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private Viennese waltz classThe WalzerkurseAT website offers you an excellent opportunity to include the Viennese waltz into a wedding party, an Incentive Programm or any other event by providing you with private Viennese waltz classes - on request with dance instructors in historical costumes. Our private Viennese waltz classes can take place in various places: in a dance room in one of Vienna's dancing schools, in an independant function room or in the Hercules Hall of the Liechtenstein palace. Length and programme of the waltz class entirely depend on your preferences and previous knowledge: the website enables you to book Viennese waltz private classes for beginners as well as advanced learners or false beginners.

Available languages

Dance instructors from our partner dancing schools in Vienna are available for private Viennese waltz classes in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian and Polish. For a waltz class in any other language, please inform yourself at .

What is a private Viennese waltz class?

The ideal length for a Viennese waltz private class is at least one hour and not more than two hours. During a private waltz class for beginners, you will first learn - thanks to easy exercises - to alternate your legs, then you will learn the waltz basic step and practice it with slow waltz music. You will also learn how to turn in Viennese waltz and what the correct waltz frame and posture are, and at last you will be asked to put all these elements together in order to dance your first whirling Viennese waltz.

Even students who are taking a private waltz class without any previous knowledge can learn enough about Viennese waltz in one single class to be able to enjoy a ball or any other dancing event in Vienna without bothering the other dancers on the dance floor. In the case of a two-hour Viennese waltz private class, we do attach great importance at the end of the class to various strategies that enable the dancing couple to assert themselves on the dance floor even when there are a lot of dancers, to avoid obstacles, and not to block anybody's way.

What is learned during a private waltz class depends entirely on the previous knowledge of the students: in one or two hours' time - as desired - we concentrate on the particular needs of the people attending the class, we work on the waltz frame and posture and the waltz step and can even practice the reverse turn or further waltz figures.

Waltz classes with dance instructors in historical costumes

If you want your waltz class to be a especially memorable experience, we would advise you to book a waltz class with a dance instructor in historical costume. What about learning the Viennese waltz from Emperor Franz Josef himself? - available in English, German, French, or Italian.

Book private waltz classes

If you want us to organize a private Viennese waltz class in Vienna, please send us an email at . We are looking forward to reading from you!